Making the tastiest and energizing recipe Tuyo Fried Rice!


Tuyo is one of my favorite foods during breakfast especially when it is combined with fried rice and Milo. Whenever I feel like it’s a lucky day I always request my Mother to cook Tuyo Fried Rice for me. This meal gives me energy and will probably make me fat since this meal makes me want to eat like 3 or more plates of it.

“After a good dinner one can forgive anybody, even one’s own relations.”
― Oscar Wilde,  A Woman of No Importance


Tuyo is a good choice for breakfast since the sourness of the it wakes our mind and makes us prepared for a new whole day. Tuyo is well paired with the fried rice because fried rice gives another new taste because of the garlic and salt that had been added to the fried rice, and we know that garlic and salt is one of the ingredients that gives flavor to the food that we are trying to cook.


To make tuyo fried rice you need the main ingredients such as rice and the dried fish called tuyo. Cooking tuyo fried rice is worth it because of this foods addicting taste and yummy appearance. The first step in cooking the tuyo fried rice is to put prepare a pan in the stove, then put an oil in the stove and let the oil wait to be heated. When the oil is heated, cook the garlic until it is golden brown, with the garlic it will add more taste in the fried rice. After that add the rice and cook it until the rice is coated with oil. While the rice is cooking prepare the tuyo by getting rid of the scales, heads and bones. In the rice you may also add additional ingredients such as small bits of carrots or potatoes and many more. After preparing the tuyo, pour the tuyo flakes in the fried rice and mix it well and slowly. Adding spring onions is optional so you may or may not add spring onions after the tuyo fried rice is cooked.


Tuyo fried rice is there whenever i feel like my day is lucky, this recipe makes me happy because it has a lot of taste and energizes me everyday. I recommend this recipe for breakfast because it will let you start your day with a full stomach and high energy.


I really like this recipe because one of my favorite food for breakfast is tuyo and also fried rice and in this recipe they are combined, its taste exceeded my expectations, i feel like this food is better than those fast foods that you can eat during breakfast like Mcdonalds, their breakfast products such as sausage mcmuffin, tuyo fried rice is probably better so for those who always eat in fast food restaurants during breakfast its time to stop and try to eat tuyo fried rice.